Will Thailand Legalize Cannabis for Medicinal Use?


For thousands of years, cannabis was used for virtually every aspect of civilization’s daily lives. The first sails on boats were created from hemp. Oils, clothes, paper, medicine and much more can be derived from this interesting plant that has a checkered modern history. As it is becoming clear that marijuana is a very beneficial herb that can be used for many positive things, there are rumblings that the Thai government are considering legalizing cannabis.

For many thousands of years, cannabis was legal across the world, and only for a very blip of time in modern history as the plant been illegal. Ever since the Thai Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya said in 2016 that the war on drugs in Thailand had been lost, Thailand has been seemingly on a quiet path towards the legalization of cannabis. Just a few months ago, the law was changed to allow farmers to grow hemp, for cultivation but not for sale. Other herbal stimulants such as Kratom could also become legal in the near future. But will this really come to fruition, or is it just wishful thinking?

Medical Marijuana

It only makes sense that cannabis should be used for it vast healing and medicinal properties. If derivatives of heroin are used for painkillers in hospitals and nobody bats an eyelid, cannabis should be accorded the same attitude.

In terms of skin cancer and other forms of cancer and also for dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and fits, cannabis can greatly help an individual. The herb could also be vital when dealing with patients who already have cancer and need to build up an appetite. There are many uses in the modern medical world for cannabis, and hopefully, Thailand can make the right move for its people in the coming months.

Making Billions from the Cannabis Industry

In 2016 alone, Colorado state made USD $200 million from the sale of cannabis, which was then used to improve the local areas and society in general. Colorado is now seen as one of the richest states in America, largely thanks to the legalization of Cannabis. Other states such as Washington, Oregon and Las Vegas are currently amidst legalization, while Marijuana has been legal for medicinal use in California for quite a while now. The world is changing, and just imagine how much money places such as Pattaya could make from a cannabis boom?

Legalizing cannabis in Thailand would not just generate billions of baht for local businesses, but the income could also be used to improve schooling and living conditions for locals. It really is a win-win loophole. Let’s keep out finger crossed that the Thai government reclaims its right to use cannabis like it did for thousands of years before the US and CIA-led War on Drugs demonized this very beneficial herb.


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