Thailand Villa Rentals vs. Hotels


The world is changing and evolving – it always has! Regardless of global warming, we were once amidst an ice age and we will be again, with everything evolving and fluctuating in between. The Thailand accommodation market is no different, always reinventing itself and metamorphosing to the needs of the modern day holidaymaker.

With the increased usage of the internet, holidaymakers have more options than ever before, enabling us to thoroughly research a destination for every detail such as location, price and accommodation type. This, in some ways, has opened up the holiday and tourism sector and heavily dented the profit margins of travel agents across the globe and twisted a few noses out of place. Because of the changes, more holidaymakers are opting for Thailand villa rentals instead of hotels, but that doesn’t mean they are better overall.

Imagine you are traveling with a group of friends or a large family. Within a rental villa, you can have that special time alone without prying eyes or millions of screaming children (which are not your own) running around causing havoc. Having that quality time with the people you are traveling with is a much better way to spend your holiday time. Staying in hotels might not provide total privacy, but when you are on holiday, it’s nice to meet new people, and within a villa, you can be a bit isolated from the world.

You would think that hotels easily outweigh villa rentals with their facilities – but this isn’t necessarily so! What you have to remember is that the vast majority of private villas have their own swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gardens and self-catering kitchen facilities. If you do not wish to cook for yourself, you can simply hire a cook at most villas or eat out like most holidaymakers do. Even though villas have facilities, hotels literally have it all with onsite spas, fitness centers, tour kiosks, swimming pools, restaurants, concierge services and lots of onsite staff to cater for your every whim. Hotels come out at the top every time in terms of facilities.

Personal Touch
You cannot get a real personal holiday experience when staying in a hotel – FACT! Being that you have to share the hotel with hundreds of other strangers makes it a common-sense assumption. Fully-staffed rental villas will provide you with that up-close personal experience that we all desire when taking a vacation. Hotels play the high-turnover numbers game so it’s virtually impossible for them to provide you with a personal experience.

When it comes to location, hotels win every time, especially in Pattaya. Hotels in the city are located in all the best beachside areas, within walking distance of everything Pattaya has to offer. Villa rentals are usually tucked away in private locations on residential developments, set further away from the beach, and if you don’t have a rental car or access to a trusted taxi service provider, your holiday experience won’t be as convenient as within a hotel or resort.

Price Comparisons
Holidaymakers are becoming more educated when researching and booking holidays. There used to be a misconception that booking a Thailand holiday villa rental home was so expensive. However, when you take into consideration the combined prices of booking separate hotel rooms for your family or friends, you will find that villa rentals are very competitive and in most cases more affordable overall.

As with everything in the world, it depends on what you are seeking from your holiday experience. Hotels are the most convenient and have the best on-site facilities, while villa rentals provide the utmost in privacy for the more discerning holidaymaker.


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