Useful Thailand Tips


For something different this month, we have slightly changed our Useful Thailand Tips article to be more interactive with a multiple choice questions and answers page. To find out the answers and the right way to do things in Thailand, please click on to find out the answers.

Q: If you lose your passport in Thailand, do you?

A. Run out of your hotel room screaming bloody murder and blame every person of theft within the vicinity?
B. Visit the immigration in your holiday destination and then call your embassy in Bangkok?
C. Report the lost/stolen passport to the police then inform your embassy in Bangkok?

Q: If you have rented a jet-ski and the owners of the motorized vehicle are trying to hustle you for a substantial amount of cash for extra damage that you didn’t cause, do you?

A. Keep calm and collected, smile away, and then call the tourist police to come?
B. Pay the money because you don’t want the trouble when you are on holiday?
C. Get all aggressive and tell the jet-ski owners in a frank manner that you are not paying anything and that they can stick their extra charges where the sun doesn’t shine?

Q: You want to rent a motorbike but don’t have the relevant driving licenses, do you?

A. Rent the bike anyway by leaving your passport with the rental company and remind yourself that most Thais don’t even have a license, and if they do, they are still worse drivers than you?
B. Forget about the bike and decide to book taxis or other forms of transport to explore the city?
C. Rent the bike and when the police stop you and ask for your license, you produce your local snooker club membership card and hope for the best, or plead ignorance and pay the fine?

Q: You are really thirsty in the middle of the night, so you open your hotel room fridge and there is no water, but you are so thirsty and go to the tap in the bathroom and turn it on, do you?

A. Gulp down the tap water because your mouth is dryer than Gandhi’s flip-flop?
B. Complain to the hotel reception that there is no complimentary bottles of water in your mini-bar?
C. Nip down to 7/11 to buy some bottled water, as there is a 7/11 on average just 18 paces away from every person in Thailand?

Q: If you are bitten by a snake in Thailand, do you?

A. Try and remember the color and look of the snake and then calmly get yourself transport to the hospital as quickly as possible?
B. Listen to one of the local Thai guys outside of your hotel who tells you the snake in not poisonous?
C. Recoil in terror, run around in circles with delirium and scare yourself into an early grave?


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