Ultimate Venue for Live Aussie Sports in Pattaya @ I-Rovers Sports Bar


When it comes to sport, not many countries in the world can match Australia for passion or quality. If you are in Pattaya this month and need to keep in touch with the ongoing Aussie sports taking place in April and May, the ultimate venue is the I-Rovers Sports Bar, located in the heart of the city and the cornerstone of Aussie sports in Pattaya.

Situated in an easy-to-find location in a peaceful corner of Soi LK Metro, I-Rovers has made a name for itself as one of the most vibrant and exciting sports bars in the city. Every taxi driver in the city knows Soi LK Metro, so you will have no problem finding the pub. With lots of flat-screen TVs showcasing all major sporting events from around the globe with an emphasis on EPL Premier League Soccer and ALL AUSTRALIAN SPORTS, alongside offering a fantastic choice of draught beverages and affordable yet delicious Western food, all within an inviting atmosphere, you simply can’t afford to miss I-Rovers this month.

AFL, NRL and Super Rugby @ I-Rovers

If you are a fan of the multitude of Aussie sports that are currently talking place such as the AFL Football, the NRL and the Super Rugby, there is no better place to watch the games live in Pattaya than at I-Rovers. Then pub attracts lots of Aussie sports fans who ascend on the establishment for the matches, creating a ‘big game’ atmosphere with lots of banter and revelry. There is nothing that can match watching sports with likeminded individuals in a party-like atmosphere, and that is exactly what you get at I-Rovers. Make sure you get over to the bar to get your Aussie live sport fix this month.

Affordable Western Food Menu

To compliment your visit to I-Rovers to check out the Aussie sports this month, make sure you sample their amazingly affordable Western food menu that combines quality breakfasts with affordable daily specials, delicious main course meals, Thai food and snacks.

With quality food and drink, friendly staff that are always welcoming, and access to the biggest and best live sporting events from across the globe with heavy emphasis on Aussie sports, whether it’s food, drink, sports or fun, I-Rovers should be at the top of your list this month.

I-Rovers Sports Bar

Location: The corner of Soi LK Metro

Phone: 0066 (0) 38489494

Mobile: 099 152 4076

Website: www.i-rovers.com



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