Find More Things To Do With Pattaya City Uncovered


We would like to take this time to wish you all a Happy New Year, and it surely will be if you are here in the city at this time of the year to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. It’s been an interesting 12 months, and hopefully 2016 can take it to the next level for all of us. So read more and down load our ebook and Find More Things To Do With Pattaya City Uncovered.


We have some great information for you again this month, recommending the best Pattaya City has to offer, in terms of quality restaurants, the coolest bars and nightlife options, things to see and do, day or night and all the other interesting businesses and services available to all of you visiting Pattaya.


This month, one of our favorite and long-standing restaurants, Blue Olive, is on the cover, and if you have never been there before or haven’t since its reshape and revamp in the early part of last year, we recommend you get over there today to sample their stunning international flavors with some light and zesty Mediterranean options.


With New Year now in full swing, many people have resolutions to get and keep fit, and if you are one of those health conscious people, K-Private Fitness and X-Trend gym in Jomtien is a great way shape up this year.


As usual, we offer some unique nightlife options such as the V20 Ice Bar in the heart of Walking Street, or if you are here with your family and kids, we have a cool article about all the best cabaret shows in the city.


Whether you are here to party or to relax and rejuvenate, Pattaya City Uncovered always has something for every holiday, so make sure you check out our articles so you can find the best holiday options in the city with the minimum of fuss.


We would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and hope your time in the city really kicks off 2016 in fine style.


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