Visiting Lake Mabprachan @ The Loft Sports Pub & Grill


If you live in the East Pattaya region of the city or are here on holiday and want to do something a bit different, an afternoon over at Lake Mabprachan is a great option. Whether you are a single person or group looking for some cool bars or a family looking for nice food and a relaxing environment, nowhere on ‘The Lake’ offers such a perfect atmosphere like The Loft Sports Pub & Grill. Not only that, but The Loft has also recently launched their new branded resort, which is also situated in the same area.

Ultimate Sports Pub

The Loft Sports Pub was first opened 10-months ago and has now cemented its reputation as the ultimate sports pub experience at Lake Mabprachan. Situated in a stunning lakeside location, above the Indian Roots Restaurant. The Loft merges a sports pub environment with a quality restaurant that serves a delicious selection of Western dishes and also Thai food.

If you want to find the ideal venue to catch the start of the English Premier League (EPL) season or other major sporting events from across the globe, The Loft is unbeatable. The venue showcases the biggest televised events in full English-speaking commentary across their several flat-screen TVs. From EPL football to golf, cricket, rugby, boxing, UFC and more, don’t miss a single sporting event this month at The Loft.

Delicious Food Menu

If you are looking for high-quality Western-style cuisine, The Loft offers some great options. Their gut-busting menu focusses on hearty British food and a delicious selection of Thai dishes. From tasty English breakfasts to sandwiches, snacks, a myriad of main courses, pasta dishes, lasagna and much more, The Loft’s menu is quality. Come along to sample one of their daily specials that offer great choices at very reasonable prices every day.

If you are looking for a reason to come over to Lake Mabprachan, the perfect opportunity is to come and sample The Loft’s delicious Traditional Sunday Roast dinners. Available every Sunday, you get to choose from chicken, beef, lamb and pork, coming with all the trimmings. Their Sunday roast is getting a reputation as one of the best, giving you the perfect excuse to come over to The Loft.

The Loft Shuttle Bus Service

Whether you want to visit The Loft Sports Pub or The Lift Resort, there is a shuttle bus service that will pick you up for FREE, bring you to The Loft and even take you back home afterward. This shuttle bus service is only available for those living in East Pattaya, but it really is great for those who want to drink but not drive, especially with so many police roadblocks in this day and age. Give them a call for more details.

The Loft Sports Pub & Grill

Location: Situated above Indian Roots restaurant on Lake Mabprachan.

Phone: 093 212 9969

Opening Hours: 9am to Midnight




Over the past month or two, The Loft Resort was launched, in the same location at Lake Mabprachan where the Shenanigans Pub was formally situated. Merging a modern bar and restaurant area that serves stunning international food with a lakeside view, with a cool choice of rooms that are located around a swimming pool, The Loft Resort is something to get excited about. Come along to sample a stunning draught beer or a breakfast or evening meal, or take advantage of the excellent value for money room rates that start from as little as 800 THB per night. The resort also has a kid’s playroom and is the ideal place for families. Come along every Saturday evening to enjoy their Live Music nights, which promise lots of fun. When you need quality food and an affordable room, The Loft Resort is the perfect option.


The Loft Resort

Phone: 093 212 9969




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