The initial approval of the limited utilization of marijuana bill for medical solutions was passed on Tuesday by the acting cabinet.
The endorsement of the bill was also extended to cover the legalization of other narcotics belonging to the class 5. These would include opium, kratom, and hemp. The step was to pave way for a medical research to be conducted in a bid to establish the medical value of the drugs.
Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the government spokesman said, that the bill approval was an essential matter which he supported. He further added that the Class 5 category of narcotics were initially meant for cultivation as well as extraction and never for medical research so as to be consumed as human medicine.
Contributing on the same, sansern, Lt. Gen suggested that if the bill passes, then more farming of cannabis will grow as well as relevant research institutions.
The campaign towards the acceptance of the bill started last year with supporters offering their business anticipations that would relate to cannabis farming, harvesting, and processing.
Some supporters like Prapat Panyachartraksa, who chairs the Farmer association board, disclosed a plan to start up a marijuana farming project on an 800 hectares piece of land in provinces of in Sakon Nakhon. However, the health ministry denied him the permission.
Other supporters from Rangsit University carried out a medical research on the therapeutic use of cannabis and noted that it helps relieve pain in sclerosis and cancer patients.
Over a long period now, Thailand has made substantial strides in legalizing some drugs initially known to be dangerous to human life. As explained by Junta’s acting minister for justice, the drug war in Thailand was a failure suggested the uses of “common-sense” drug laws.


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