Thailand cave rescue: medics reach boys


The Chiang Rai deputy governor, Passakorn Boonyarat denied the push to state how long the rescue mission would take. However, he told reporters that still alive individuals in the trap will be rushed to safety as soon as possible.
“Any boys who are ready can come out first,” AFP quoted him saying.
He explained that a “chamber three” which is a cavern used to store oxygen tanks, food, and deriving gear store will be employed in taking out the boys.
He also mentioned the 13 weak and non-professional drivers would be deployed from the partially submerged areas as their panic and incompetency might lead to more cause of an accident in the site
The rescue options would involve two main options which would include driving or simply drilling holes in the cave. Otherwise, a risky option would be employed that meant waiting for water to reduce for the boys to walk out – which would be a long wait.
Medics reach boys
Thai Navy SEALs say all 13 people trapped in the cave are being looked after by medics who have reached them, AP reports.
Seal chief Rear, Adm Arpakorn Yookongkaew informed the media houses that his team composing of nurses plus doctors was already with the 12 rescued boy in the cave chambers.
He updated the news houses that, “have given the boys food, starting with easily digested and high-powered food with enough minerals.”
Arpakorn suggested that sending a rescue team would also be a probable option to be well-thought-out. If it were employed, he said they “have to be certain that it will work and have to have a drill to make that it’s 100% safe.”
Arpakorn indicated that there was no such a rush in rescuing the boys as they were in a safe place.


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