Affordable and Delicious Food @ I-Rovers Sports Bar


One of the most prominent and popular sports bars in the city is I-Rovers Sports Bar. Located in a cozy corner of Soi LK Metro and open 24-hours per day, when you need your live sport fix or need a bar that has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for both expat residents and holidaymakers, this is the ultimate choice. One of the most interesting things about I-Rovers is there delicious and extremely affordable food menu that has some of the best value specials in the city.

If you are in Pattaya this month and are looking for a home away from home, nowhere is more welcoming than I-Rovers Sports Bar. Not only is it in a prime location just off Soi Buakhao, but is the ultimate place for live sport lovers. Showcasing all the biggest and best live sporting events from around the globe as and when they happen across several flat-screen TVs in full English-speaking commentary, this is the place to be. Whether its live English Premier League Football, all manner of Aussie sports, NFL and college football, boxing, UFC, golf and more, if it’s happening right now, it’s live at I-Rovers.

Amazing Daily Specials
The I-Rovers food menu really does offer some of the best value in the city. Choose from a selection of gut-busting breakfasts, snacks, burgers, curries, sandwiches, main courses and much more, alongside some of the best Thai food you will taste. The food is clean and tasty, and most importantly… affordable. Talking of affordability, come along to I-Rovers every day to take advantage of their amazing specials that are ONLY 199 THB WITH A BEER.

Monday – Indian Curry
Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognese
Wednesday – Burger Deal
Thursday – Meatballs & Mash
Friday – Fish & Chips

Whether you are looking for a live sports venue, delicious and affordable food, draught beers or a local bar you can call home, I-Rovers is the ultimate choice.

I-Rovers Sports Bar
Location: The corner of Soi LK Metro
Phone: 0066 (0) 38489494
Mobile: 099 152 4076


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