Players Pool Tables are designed by pool players for pool players.


Manufactured under exclusive contract in China, they play as well as tables that cost three times the price. With Players tables, you pay what the table is worth, not for the brand name or import fees. As we import from China direct from the factory where we make them, there are no middlemen and the tables are tax exempt under the China – Asean free trade agreement. When you buy a table that is made in America, a significant part of the money you spend goes to import tax. Other well-known brands available in Thailand are sold through middlemen, with these tables you pay for the brand name plus the middleman takes a cut.
Every Player Pool Table comes with a 5-year warranty on all the table parts apart from the cloth and the balls. We keep a full range of spares in stock – if there are any issues in the first 5 years of table use we will swap out the part free of charge immediately. If an issue occurs after 5 years of use then we replace the part at our cost price, without any labor charges.
Each table is fitted with your choice of tournament blue or electric blue ANDY 988 Cloth. This cloth is also made in China specifically for the Asian market. It plays as well as the top European cloths but is slightly faster and will not slow down anywhere near as much in humid conditions. ANDY cloth is one of the top-selling cloths in the World with over 20,000 cloths produced and sold each and every month of the year.
To compliment this cloth we only supply Aramith TV Cup Balls – the perfect match for the two blue ANDY cloths that we fit as standard. These balls are the industry standard in Thailand and around the World and will provide years of accurate use when properly cared for.
Baht for Baht, there is no other table on the market in Thailand that offers the same level of playability for the price.  SEE THE TABLES!


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