Planet Football Summer Camp


Planet Football is thrilled to announce its 2016 Summer Camp program, where kids can learn from international sports stars and special guest speakers in an ideal environment.

The camp will allow the kids aged 8- 18 to develop their self- confidence, leadership and communication skills through a fun and engaging experience. With weekly excursions to the nearby beach and theme park, Planet Football & Tara Pattana provides a safe and carefully- monitored space where children can be children and find their inspiration through expert guidance and team-based creative activities.

We Believe that variety is the spice of life!

Our summer camp offers a Multi- Sports and Activity Camp and we combine lots of different sports with a blend of team building games and activities aimed to enable children to gain confidence, creating a stimulating athletic community whereby campers become better players in their particular sports the camp will include robotics, arts and crafts, cooking, journalism and public speaking. We have a full EAL program running as well as fun Science and English workshops where the children will be inspired to challenge themselves.

Would you like your child to play their favourite sports being coached by some former international footballers and coaches, learn to swim with a former Olympic Athlete, take part in a mini World Cup with someone that played in 3 World Cup Finals? Each day additional Elite football and swimming sessions will be available during free time.

Our Goals

– To build each camper’s self- esteem

– To promote regular physical activity, values and sportsmanship

– To provide kids with the life skills to become leaders

– To create a stimulating environment where children can be inspired


1 – What advice would you give parents who want to give their children the best possible chance of becoming a pro- athlete? Determination and dedication. Becoming a pro-athlete will not be easy and you will often get setbacks, you need to be determined to keep training and learning. Keep them level-headed and listen to the coaches. They need to learn how to cope with disappointment as well as adulation as often you will receive rejections before you get the big break. Training is incredibly important and you can’t skip anything there are no shortcuts to the top you must work hard to achieve your goals.

2 – How important is diet and nutrition to a pro athlete and is it different between an Olympic swimmer and top-level footballer? You don’t need to be on a constant diet as you will burn a lot of calories while training and playing. You need a balanced healthy diet to allow your body to recover between sessions and to ensure you are fit and healthy. The key to it is balanced, you can have anything in moderation and once in a while reward yourself but don’t make it a habit.

3 – As a footballer at the highest level how is easy was it to motivate yourself and how as it changed since you’ve gone into coaching? Motivation at the highest level is never a problem. Your teammates will drive you on in training as you don’t want to let anyone down. Coaching is more difficult as you are reliant on other people you can get everything planned and have fantastic training yet when the players cross that white line onto the pitch on match-day things are out of your hands. You have to trust the players to do everything you have been working on and to carry out your plan.



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