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Rico’s Visa Services

Possessing a visa is very important, as important as “I” in the word “ice-cream”. If at all you need to come into Thailand, then you would require a valid visa for entrance, even when you reside in the city, there would come a time you will make a good use of it. A tourist visa is a visa which is stamped or a document which is required enabling you stay in Thailand for a particular period of time, for several act of tourism. The following are the visa types and prices respectively:

Tourist single entry visa for citizens PHL, IND, CHE, JPN (trip to Laos)-5000

Tourist single entry visa for citizens another country (trip to Laos)-6000

NON B, O, ED visa (trip to Laos)- 7000

Visa run to Cambodia- 2500

Visa run to Laos- 4500

Student visa (ED) for 12 months from- 12900

Privilege tourist visa for 5-20 years from- 500.000

There are lot of organizations who can assist you in obtaining your visa, example of such company include J & E Immigration and Visa Services located in Pattaya, can assist you with your Tourist Visa. So Many individuals come into the Kingdom of Thailand with a Visa from their previous locations or home country and later realise that they would like to extend their visa or even apply for a new one while they are still abroad, the J & E Immigration services are willing to cut through the red tape and help you in all possible ways, J & E can make arrangements for a Re-Entry Single or a Re-Entry Multiple Visa for you. Another of these category is the Key Visa which specialises in acquiring tourist & settlement visas to the UK and Australia for Thai Nationals & expat services for foreigners living in.

Are you desperately needing to obtain a UK visa for your Thai wife or significant other and want to simplify the whole process? As you know, the rigmarole of tiptoeing your way around visa regulations is always an energy-zapping thing. When you need to get it right at the first time of asking and need impartial advice that has you and your partner’s best interests at heart, you need VISA 4 UNITED KINGDOM on your side to ensure everything runs with the grace of a Mozart concerto. Although VISA 4 UNITED KINGDOM is a relatively new company in Pattaya, they…

Living in Pattaya for long term or extended periods is an amazing option to have in life, but with such luxury comes having to circumnavigate the visa and immigration regulations that are being firmly enforced at this moment in time. As a foreigner in Pattaya or Thailand as a whole, we always need someone by our side to watch our back, to give us the best impartial legal advice and to ensure our visas are correct and above board. If you need help with obtaining a Thai visa, the Pattaya Visa Shop is one of the most reliable and trusted…

With so many rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining a visa to stay in Pattaya for extended periods, sometimes it can be a potential minefield to go it alone. If you need to get your Thailand visa sorted without any issues, qualms or stresses, it only makes sense to utilize the services of a Visa/Legal expert who can get you the right visa to simplify the matter. Rico’s Visa Services is the place we go in Pattaya when we want our visa issues to be sorted in the quickest and most professional way. Situated in a great central…