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A monument is a type of structure (usually three-dimensional) that was specifically created to honour the memory of a person or event, or which has become relevant to a social group as a part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage, due to its artistic, historical, political, technical or architectural importance. Examples of monuments include statues, war memorials, historical buildings, archaeological sites, and cultural assets. In this light, Pattaya has quite a number of monuments most of which were built in memory of Buddha the Chinese goddess and much more like it.

Wang Sam Sien monument is a small museum, it is home to lots of beautiful Chinese items such as the 24 amazing paintings telling 24 different folklore stories. It is located on you way to the big Buddha on Pratumnak Hill, where you will be welcomed by Guanyin’s white statue, a popular historical figure in the Chinese folklore as the Chinese goddess of Mercy. It is a nice and nice place to relax and learn a little about Chinese culture. There is also a small restaurant onsite for Thai food and drinks behind the Guanyin statue.

It is very easy to locate the Wang Sam Sien monument in the heart of the city. And entry into this lovely place is free.

The Wang Sam Sien monument is located on your way to the Big Buddha on Pratumank Hill, on the left hand side of the road where you are welcomed by a white statue of Guanyin, who is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and a popular historical figure in Chinese folklore. Aside the statue, you will also find a large metal ball, just like the one in the Royal Palace in Beijing, China. Wang Sam Sien is like a small museum that is home to lots of Chinese items such as 24 beautiful paintings telling 24 stories from Chinese folklore.…