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This place is also known as Anek kusala sala. It is a combination of both Chinese temple and a museum with unique collections of beautiful artworks and artefacts that have in detail China’s dignified history. It is made up of a three-story central building and a number of pavilion halls. It is made up of a three-story central building and a number of pavilion halls. It was built in 1987 for the current King of Thailand’s 60th birthday in a classy Chinese style and the real beauty lies in the building, which makes it one of the best places in Asia.

Inside the Building, there are great numbers of precious antiques, paintings, statues, for example, the terracotta figures of 8 arhats the followers of Buddha that got to the high stage of enlightenment. On display also are the statues of 18 Shaolin monks, all displaying a martial art form which the 15 centuries old Shaolin Monastery in China is well known for.

Apart from that the museum harbour a good number of other items, such as granite carvings, old paintings, bronze and earthenware, sculptures of Chinese Gods and lots more.Some of the items are from the famous Chinese Ming dynasty. One subdivision of the Viharn Sien is devoted to Thai art and history. You can see a number of paintings showing the history of some of Thailand’s great Kings, like King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and King Taksin, under whose reign Siam was freed from Burmese occupation.

Apart from a museum, the Anek Kuson Sala, the Thai name for Viharn Sien, is also a place for worshipping Chinese Gods. Food and drinks are available outside the museum in case you need any.

Chinese culture is something special and unique with thousands of years of colorful history that has shaped not only Asia, but the world. Viharn Sien, also known locally as Anek Kusala Sala is a mixture of a Chinese temple and a museum, holding some beautiful artworks and artifacts that details China’s illustrious history. Located in luscious countryside in the Bangsaray region of Pattaya, Viharn Sien is beautiful and picturesque. Enjoy Chinese antiques and a breathtaking scaled down model of the Terracotta Army, or take a rest by the scenic lake and watch the world go by. Viharn Sien is…