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Wonder farm as the name implies is one of the kids favourite place and as we all know any place that is kids friendly tends to grow bigger and more famous as parents would do anything for their kids. You don’t need to worry about going along just to visit a farm because it is located close to other sites of attraction such as the floating Market, Silver lake vineyard and so on. The main draw of wonder farm are the animals which include the most visited because of their cute nature; rabbits and also there are fishes, goats, swans, deer, ducks, e.t.c and the major reason the kids love it is because of the rabbits.

It has a play area with slides and even trampoline for kids. The parents can chill out with coffee while the children feed the animals of which are mainly rabbits. And it has a small restaurant that serves simple but delicious Thai dishes, fantastic tea and coffee shop, offering gourmet and drinks prepared with great skills along with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The shop also sells small snacks, such as brownies, at affordable prices. So what is keeping you from visiting this fabulous farm, where you and your kids can have lots of fun with or without the animals and also learn a lot.

In a nation famed for its agriculture, visiting a farm might seem to be a sensible activity. But Wonder Farm is no ordinary farm! Wonder Farm is situated in South Pattaya, and is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, especially for those with children. Wonder Farm is conveniently located, close to other attractions such as the floating market, Silverlake Vineyards and the Nong Nooch Gardens. Trips to any of these places can be easily coupled with a stop at Wonder Farm to create a nice day out. The grounds include a fantastic tea and coffee shop, offering gourmet…