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Pattaya park tower is the highest seaside park tower with 55 floors. The major attractiveness of Pattaya Park for tourist is the opportunity to see a beautifully wide view at the observation deck on top of Pattaya Park Tower, the 55th floor. Visitors can choose to just stand and gaze unexpectedly at Pattaya city and the beach view, or they can choose to earn exciting experience from Tower Jump, which offers visitors to jump with the equipment that locked them with a couple slings from the top of the building to the ground, speed shuttle and sky shuttle. You can also enjoy the delicious delicacies on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors revolving restaurants. Taste the international buffet lunch and dinner with seafood.

Pattaya Park Towers provides you with more entertaining surprises such as: Tower Jump activity, cable cars and many more. As it’s not only about the stunning view and the restaurants. Pattaya Park offers lots of rollercoasters and other fun rides, the most famous of them is the Tower Shot of course. For those brave enough, I would suggest trying tower jump. There is also a big water park with lots of fun rides.

However, there are also activities for the children, such as Family Swinger, Mono rail, Demolition Derby, Musical Carousel, and Samba Tower, so you don’t need to worry so much about the kids.


55th floor the Apex Observation 54th floor the Meridian Revolving restaurant 53rd floor the Pinnacle Revolving restaurant 52nd floor the Panorama Revolving restaurant The first and the highest seaside tower and the Revolving restaurant located on the East Coast of Thailand. Breathtaking View & Challenge Activities The Observation decks on the 55th floor, where you can stand and gaze at the beauty of the Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City or enjoy the ultimate view and thrill on our Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle and Sky Shuttle Sumptuous Meals On the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor Revolving restaurants. Taste the international buffet…