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Alangkan Theater Show

Alangkan Theater Show

Alangkan Theater Show is located just a 10-minute drive from Pattaya City, Alangkan is a theatre with a 70 meter-wide stage, two screens, each with 11 x 5 meters wide, cultural rostrum and a restaurant with 1,000 seats!

There are performances of old and new Thai culture for tourists from all spheres of life. It features state-of-the-art sound systems, a real fireworks display, multi-dimensional color laser systems and is decorated in a lavish traditional Thai style in panoramic design.

The performances include 9 sets of imaginary historical stories from different eras – such as the genesis of the world, the Stone Age, the Sukhothai period, the Ayutthaya period and the Rattanakosin period.

Nothing can be more interesting than the experience of watching a movie in a theatre with the big screen. Whether watching a classic movie or turning out for the first day first show of Bhaagamathie, there’s something special about watching movies on the big screen. Movies are best experienced in the theatre! The movie theatre is an amazing experience not just from the heightened experience of the movie itself, but also the event of going to the movies. Nothing beats picking up some of your friends and family and going to see a super cool flick. Alangkantheatre show is located…

Pattaya’s Alangkarn Theater is home to the “Thai Extravaganza Show”, an impressive production telling the story of the core beliefs of the Thai people and explaining Thai history through traditional Thai art and design. The theater itself is a true marvel, boasting a state-of-the-art hexa theater design that can comfortably sit 2000 guests. The production takes full advantage of the theater’s unique multimedia capabilities, including two 11×15-meter screens and a 50-meter water screen. The show’s seven scenes are spread over three breathtaking acts, starting with an exploration of the beliefs of Thailand before moving on to the country’s arts and…