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Pattaya has numerous attractions for you to visit on your tour there. There are;

Beaches for relaxation, watersports and swimming with convenience stores, restaurants and bars.

Park tower which is the first highest seaside tower located on the east coast of Thailand with fabulous revolving restaurants on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors.

Also we have the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, which covers over 100 acres of land and has over 200 tigers that being given proper care. At Sriracha Tiger Zoo, you will find all the tigers, pigs, and dogs living together in harmony, thanks to the zoo’s rather distinct feeding programme. Witness mother pigs feed tiger cubs alongside their own piglets;

There is also the Pattaya monkey training center which showcases the best of monkey intelligence, showing you there stunts and moves for your entertainment.

And to mention but a few, there is also the million years stone park and Pattaya Crocodile farm where the ever ready and reliable trainers amazes you by putting their heads into the crocodile’s mouth that is wide open.

Also for our wine lovers there is the Silver Lake Vineyard where you can learn wine making processes alongside their dos and don’ts.

Over the years, Jomtien beach has become known as one of the cleanest beaches with the clearest sea in the region. Ideal for relaxation, swimming and water sports, this idyllic beach is one of the longest in the region at 6km. Jomtien beach is home to lots of shaded areas and sun loungers, and there are many vendors on the beach who can take care of any food and drink you desire. Across the road, you will find lots of convenience stores, restaurants and bars if you get a little bored. Jomtien is a great place for water sport…

Although Pattaya has the reputation of a party capital, over the past 5-years, the city has undergone a cleanup of its Pattaya beach and are at their cleanest at the current time. Pattaya might not be on the level of Phuket or Krabi in breathtaking beach terms, but in all honesty, not many places in the world are. However, Pattaya has a massive choice of beaches, both commercial and off-the-beaten-track, offering more choice than you could ever imagine. Commercial and Popular Pattaya Beaches Although finding a tranquil and deserted beach is great for some people, especially Robinson Crusoe, most people…

55th floor the Apex Observation 54th floor the Meridian Revolving restaurant 53rd floor the Pinnacle Revolving restaurant 52nd floor the Panorama Revolving restaurant The first and the highest seaside tower and the Revolving restaurant located on the East Coast of Thailand. Breathtaking View & Challenge Activities The Observation decks on the 55th floor, where you can stand and gaze at the beauty of the Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City or enjoy the ultimate view and thrill on our Tower Jump, Speed Shuttle and Sky Shuttle Sumptuous Meals On the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor Revolving restaurants. Taste the international buffet…

Many visitors to Southeast Asia want desperately to see tigers. These animals are indigenous to the region’s mountains and jungles, and long ago were one of the area’s most fearsome predators. Today, especially in Thailand, wild tigers do exist but are distressingly small in number. It’s pretty much impossible to see one in the wild without getting very lucky, yet year after year visitors flock to places like Khao Yai national park to try their hand. For those who want to see these animals up close without the hit-or-miss difficulty of a national park, Sriracha Tiger Zoo offers an…

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