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Pattaya Shooting Park

Pattaya Shooting Park

Pattaya shooting park in Soi Wat Huay Yai was established in 1999, with the aim of being the best first-class outdoor shooting range in Pattaya and the eastern region and it is just a few minutes drive from downtown. It provides modern facilities with standardized weapons and equipments. Shooters and visitors can have fun and relax in our recreational areas, fully air-conditioned rooms and an outdoor space near the lake in the natural surroundings. With our standardized facilities and weapons, we guarantee total safety here.

This park has two lengths of range to choose from, the 25 meters and 50 meters range. They have large open spaces that is not far from the lake and other leisure areas, where you can have fun and also relax. Pattaya shooting park also runs and academy that offers instructions, guidance and certification. Their experts also offer training courses for shooters at all levels that include all aspects of weapons use. Certificates are issued to participants who had successfully completed the programme. They have a selection of weapons, friendly instructors and a clear ‘all-in-one’ pricing structur, just be sure to wear the ear protectors provided because the range can get mighty loud with the reverb of a .45 caliber shot. Open to both beginners and experienced gun owners over 18 years old.

There are additional incentives this park has to offer like the fishing park near the lake. Also there are adventure activities which includes archery, diving, horseback riding and large recreational center which makes a perfect family tour center because it involves both interested adults and children with the facilities for them all.


Ever shot a pump-action gun or a 45 colt? Here you can do that! Founded in 1999, the best shooting range in Pattaya is the “Pattaya Shooting Park” in Soi Wat Huay Yai- only a short drive from downtown. It has the most modern facilities and a wide range of firearms from rifles to handguns. There are two lengths of range to choose from: 25 metres and 50 metres. You also get your target leaves, when you are finished. The park has large open spaces near the lake and other leisure areas, where guests can relax. The Pattaya Shooting…