Pattaya Beach Life – Which Beaches in Pattaya Should I visit?


Although Pattaya has the reputation of a party capital, over the past 5-years, the city has undergone a cleanup of its Pattaya beach and are at their cleanest at the current time. Pattaya might not be on the level of Phuket or Krabi in breathtaking beach terms, but in all honesty, not many places in the world are. However, Pattaya has a massive choice of beaches, both commercial and off-the-beaten-track, offering more choice than you could ever imagine.

Commercial and Popular Pattaya Beaches

Although finding a tranquil and deserted beach is great for some people, especially Robinson Crusoe, most people enjoy the hustle and bustle of a popular and exciting commercial beach. Think about some of the most visited beaches in the world such as Bondi Beach in Australia, Venice Beach in California and Rio Beach in Brazil, and they are anything but tranquil.

Pattaya Beach is the choice for the tourist masses in the city, largely due to its convenient location with lots of bars and shops just over the road, a vast plethora of food vendors and an expansive choice of watersports such as paragliding, jet-skiing and much more. Pattaya Beach is the most visited and popular in the city, but if you seek somewhere just as convenient but less crowded, take a 10-minute drive over to Jomtien Beach, which is also near to bars and restaurants as well, but is a much more laid back and user-friendly affair.

Off the Beaten-Track Pattaya Beaches

Although to find the most hidden and off-the-beaten-track beaches in Pattaya, you probably need to take a drive outside the city, Wongamat Beach at Naklua is just a 5-minute drive away in North Pattaya and offers a peaceful experience, surrounded by some of the most high-end condo developments and restaurants in the city, while offering a tranquil experience.

If you are looking for a beach that enjoys a similar atmosphere to those in Phuket, we would suggest you visit Bangsaray Beach, which is a 25-minute drive outside the city towards Rayong. This beach really is beautiful and is also flanked by some of the finest beachfront seafood restaurants in the region. This is an area that merges that tropical brilliance with lots of nearby amenities to create a great experience. Another tranquil stretch of sand is the Thai Navy Beach at Sattahip, which is also near Bangsaray. The Thai Navy take care of this beach so it’s always in prime condition, although you will need your passport to enter, so don’t forget to bring it along.


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