Most Popular Products to Buy on Holiday in Thailand


At this moment in time we live in the midst of a consumerism world where anything and everything can be purchased online with just the click of a mouse. It’s a lazy person’s and agoraphobic’s paradise. However, it has somewhat taken the magic out of shopping. Thailand has a vast array of local products and things you can buy for excellent value for money, from shiny new suits to local handicrafts and everything in between. Here are some of the most popular products you can buy in Thailand on holiday.

Tailored Suits & Thai Silks

I know it can be a potential minefield and you need to have the maneuvering skills of a Hall of Fame linebacker to dodge and duck all the Nepalese and Burmese tailors in Thailand’s busiest beachside resort areas, but the truth is that they sell great quality products for a fraction of Western World prices.

If you can overcome the incessant haggling, the shameless desperation of the tailors and their over-the-top sales techniques, you can buy not only tailormade top-notch suits for unbeatable prices, but also locally sourced authentic Thai silks.

Thai curry pastes

Nothing burns a hole directly to your soul than a Thai curry! We always think that all Thai chefs are gods when it comes to making curry, but they have been hiding something from you for decades… the quality of their curries is directly linked to the quality of the curry pastes, which are often not even made in the restaurants themselves, but are created by cooking artisans who use a vast array of ingredients in their pastes to create famous Thai curries such as green and red curry, Penang curry, Massaman and much more. You can buy these pastes on most local markets and they are the perfect thing to impress your friends when you get back home.

Indian Gold

The bright and glistening yellow color of Indian Gold in Thailand always seems strange to Westerners and quite often appears fake to us because we are used to the lighter shaded gold we buy in the Western world. Indian gold is actually better quality and purer, but is also very soft and yellow, which makes us think we are being ripped off. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indian gold keeps its value very well and is a great investment, and with so many gold shops in Thailand, you can shop around to get the best deal.

Local Handicraft Souvenirs

It would be such a shame to visit Thailand and not buy some local handicrafts or souvenirs. From impressive local paintings and artworks and Northern Lanna relics to homemade bracelets and pieces of wood that make frog noises, supporting the local populous by buying such items is the right thing to do. I would personally be impressed if someone could find me a frog that sounds like a piece of wood, but I am awkward like that! There are a cacophony of street-stalls and markets selling such products, or you could buy them from the vast myriad of street-sellers, some dressed in Burmese hilltribe attire, although he is probably named Somchai and comes from Buriram, but don’t let such technicalities put you off.




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