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There is something magical and earthy, yet classy, about Blues music. It’s the sort of music genre that is comfortable in a dirty and grimy backstreet bar, or amidst the realms of royalty and kings. Everyone can relate to the blues, which is a mirror of life itself and a self-perpetrating art form of the highest order. Pattaya was in the dark in terms of quality blues clubs, but Mood Pattaya, located on Pratumnak Hill is set to change everything.

This exclusive blues club opens every day except for Mondays with Live Music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings to showcase the best live music in the city, within a cool and trendy atmosphere. Showcasing the gutsy skills of one of the most popular bands in the region – the Blues Machine – who were the centerpiece of other blues clubs in the area such as the Blues Factory, you can hear their stunning renditions of blues and jazz classics at Mood Pattaya. The club has made a name for itself over the past year for its cameo performances, such as those from the legendary Tony Stevens that helped to kick-start the club.

Open from 6pm until 1am, Mood Pattaya is one of the city’s best kept secrets and a bona fide hidden gem. Popular with fans of great music and those on the hi-so Thai scene, the mix of characters at the club is colorful and intriguing.

The club’s atmosphere is cozy and intimate like all good music venues should be. If you are a lover of high-quality Rhythm n Blues music, Mood Pattaya is a special place for you, and if you are a musician, why not come along with your instrument and take part in a classic jam session, as a spot of improvisation is the hallmark of great music and musicians. Music always brings people together, and that is one of the most important features of Mood Pattaya.

The venue is a labor of love, and is all about the music, which really translates itself through its warm and inviting atmosphere and vibes. This intimate club is ideal for those seeking a bit of privacy and a relaxed environment to enjoy the music.

The bar serves a cool selection of drinks and even a selection of food that includes classic Thai dishes such as Tom Yam Gung, and also a choice of international flavors such as snacks and spaghetti carbonara and Bolognese. Bring along your girlfriend to enjoy the food and music.

The best thing about Mood Pattaya is its low-key reputation that makes the club relatively unknown… but not for long! Now is a great time to visit Mood Pattaya to find out about this secret cove of live blues and jazz music.

Located halfway down the road on Soi 6 of Pratumnak Hill, Mood Pattaya is set to become one of the most popular and desirable music venues in Pattaya, so make sure you get in on the action early.

Mood Pattaya
Tel.: 08-1862-2250
Address: Khaopratumnak Road Soi 6, Pattaya 20250


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