Mini Siam Park Pattaya



There are many family-style attractions in Pattaya, but not many are as popular as the Mini Siam Park in Pattaya, located just off Sukhumvit Road slightly north of Pattaya Nua. Taking you through the colorful history of Thailand, and a trip across the world’s most famous sights, Mini-Siam is a park of perfectly scaled models showcasing some of the most famous places of interest throughout the world.

The miniature recreations at Mini Siam are really awesome, perfectly scaled in size and meticulous with their details. Take a tour through Thai history and view other important monuments from around the world such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of London, the Roman Coliseum and many more.

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or kids, because the models are really beautiful and are a great way to learn about the world, Thailand and their histories in model form. There are also food stalls and souvenir shops at Mini Siam.

Have you photo taken next to the world’s major landmarks and absorb this unique experience at Mini Siam Park Pattaya.

Why visit Mini Siam Park Pattaya?

– Only miniature museum in the region
– Interesting scaled models of important buildings across Thailand and the world
– Fantastic educational experience
– 10-minute drive from Pattaya beach road
Unique Pattaya attraction


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