Mimosa Pattaya “The City Of Love”



Mimosa “The City Of Love” is one of the newest attractions in Pattaya, already making a name for itself as a place of interest that you must visit. Located over at Na Jomtien, opposite the Ambassador Hotel, you can easily reach Mimosa in just 5-minutes from Jomtien and little longer from Downtown Pattaya, depending on the traffic.

Set across 20 acres of land, Mimosa “The City of Love” is a place that combines the beautiful tropical environment with a French style architecture, coming equipped with an elegant shopping atmosphere and glamorous musicals and cabaret shows.

The mixture of timber houses, canals, ancient-inspired cities with Germanic and French architecture, including over 300 shops, international and Thai restaurants, souvenir shops, spas and massage parlors make Mimosa such a unique experience in Pattaya. The “Colmar” zone is akin to a Little Venice.

Merging beautiful buildings, stunning gardens and architecture with modern style shopping and dining areas make Mimosa one of the most romantic and popular new attractions in Pattaya.

Why visit Mimosa “The City Of Love”?

– The best newest attraction in Pattaya
– Amazing Germanic and French style buildings
– Lots of shopping options
– Thai and International Restaurants
– It’s like being in Europe while in Asia
– Romantic place for you and your partner
– Ideal establishment to take your family along


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