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It’s only natural in life to desire what you have been accustomed, and this is even more important when you live in a different country from which you were raised. One of the difficult parts about living in Asia is not having access to the myriad of Western television channels that we took for granted. If you have a quality internet connection of 7Mbps or higher, Mega Expat TV offers a revolutionary TV box with the best choice of sport, news, and movie channels from the most popular networks across the globe that will bring back the good times.

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I recently did some research online to find myself a quality set-top TV box to stream international channels, and after perusing online for a couple of hours, I decided on the MegaExpat set-top TV box, largely because of the vast number of channels on offers, and the most important factor – they offer high quality technical support, which is imperative if you are not a technical person such as myself.

Why is this box better than the cheaper options?

I had already done research on other cheaper options, but quickly released they do not offer the same support as MegaExpat TV, and with a one-time payment without any hidden charges, you get exactly what it says on the box without any dramas. The cheaper boxes in the marketplace have limited ISP bandwidths, whereas MegaExpat TV basically has its own server, ensuring optimal streaming, especially for HD TV.

What do I get for my money?

You get access to a vast choice of channels and options such as New & Classic Movies / TV Shows on demand in HD / News / Sports / Live / Catch up & On Demand, alongside

television networks in a myriad of countries such as England, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and many more. The list of languages is vast.

I also received a state-of-the-art remote control as part of the deal that costs around the 2,000 THB mark alone. The best part was at the initial stage of enquiring about purchasing a box, the support staff at MegaExpat TV quickly assimilated if I had the right internet connection to make this a viable option, as some internet providers won’t allow access to the channels. It’s little touches like customer support that make this great value for money.

Reliability, affordability and quality are the hallmarks of MegaExpat TV, so when you want to access the biggest and most popular TV networks in the world with the best speeds and quality, accept no substitutes.

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As a special introductory price for Pattaya City Uncovered readers, if you mention this article to MegaExpat TV, they will give you a discount price of 8,999 THB for their set-top box, which is 1,000 THB less than the normal price. Use the code ‘pattayauncovered’ when ordering to receive your discounted price.

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