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Markets in Pattaya are every where. If you love your shopping and are always looking for a bargain the Markets of Pattaya are for you. Each one is unique and brings their own flare and experience. Maybe you’re a food conersure and want to take in the culture on offer. If on here on holiday be sure to travel with an empty suit case, because after a day of bargain hunting you’re sure to fill it up quickly and return home with excess luggage. Here you can find a pair of Sun glass for as little as 50 baht and fake Rolex watches for 1000baht. You won’t need much as everything here on offer at the Markets is super cheap. Want to know where they are and what will best suit your needs? Then check out our website where we have taken the hassle out of your day and made a list you for you.

The art of haggling has existed since the dawn of creation, as far back as ancient Mesopotamia and beyond. Now you know why Middle-Eastern people are so adept at battering down the prices of everything. They invented this game and have a couple of thousand year’s head start on the rest of us. In the Western world, we go to a shopping center, see what we like, check the price and pay the fee. We are very simple in the ways of consumerism, so it’s only understandable that we struggle on the markets of Thailand to haggle down the prices…

Pattaya Night Bazaar Market is a, covered and air-conditioned Thai street market. The market targets tourists and is a good place to stock up on souvenirs and summer clothes without suffering from the heat. With a wide range of knocks off from Nikes to Gucci and much, much more. With many things to see and do, you won’t need to spend the whole night, allowing yourself a couple of hours will be sufficient enough.

For those of you staying on Pratumnak Hill, the Russian Night Market is the place to be. Situated on Soi 6 of Pratumnak, this market is centrally located between Jomtien and Pattaya and offers a vibrant experience. I always find that the prices of goods are slightly higher than on Thepprasit Road Market, but its central location makes it a great place to visit for a couple of hours.

If you are holidaying in the heart of Pattaya City, all the market stalls you need are along Beach Road, and although they are open all day as well, they make for the perfect place to get everything from clothing items, electronic goods and local souvenirs in a central location.

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