Mark Gerry – From Black Belt to Bangkok


If you are a keen fan of modern Kung-Fu flicks or you are an industry insider, you will undoubtedly know the name of Mark Gerry. Starring in several films throughout his career and performing as a stuntman, actor, and entertainer, Mark has had an illustrious career. He was recently in Bangkok for the World Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame and also paid a short visit to Pattaya where we managed to catch up with this very intriguing person.

The world of martial arts movies has always been filled to the brim with excitement whether we are talking about older Jackie Chan and Samo Hung films from the late-70s and early-80’s at the legendary Golden Harvest or when it penetrated mainstream movie culture in the 1980s in action films with Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. Over the past 20-years or more, we have once again seen a rebirth of martial arts movies that was kick-started by films such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and many Jet Li movies such as Legend. Martial arts movies have always wowed us to the core.

Mark is also in Thailand promoting his new movie, Death Tiger, with Mark alongside Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock. “We filmed the movie in Thailand in 2012,” said Mark when talking to Dave D from Pattaya One recently. “But the film has only just been released and was originally called White Tiger, although it is now named Death Tiger”.

Death Tiger is Mark’s most recent film and over the years he has performed roles as a stuntman and as an actor in many martial arts based movies. Some of his most popular appearances were in Sci-Fighter, Martial Medicine, Chasing the Dragon and Combat Mortal. Mark has also spent lots of time traveling the world performing at live martial art events. He has also spent the past 40-years teaching and training martial arts at seminars all over the world.

Did you know that Mark is the highest-ranking Ryukyu Kenpo black belt on the West Coast of America? He is also a Grandmaster and ranked at 9th Degree. In 2006, Mark was promoted inside the Shaolin Temple in China to 8th Degree, and in 2012 was ranked as a 9th Degree black belt. Mark’s illustrious martial arts repertoire also include being an 8th-degree professor at Kajukenbo, a 7th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and many other accolades.

Although Mark Gerry’s notoriety is all martial arts based, this extremely interesting man is also a Guinness Book of Records holder for the “Most garters caught at weddings” with 16 garters in total.

Aside from martial arts and movies and garter catching, Mark also has a keen interest in dancing the Tango, biking and swimming, scuba diving, cave diving, skydiving and all manner of high-octane adventures that you would expect from such a manly man.

Mark’s heart and soul lie with his martial arts teaching, and has he told Dave D, “I love training the kids and seeing them develop their skills, which gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”.

If you want to know more about Mark Gerry, we would recommend that you check out his new movie, Death Tiger, which can be found on all major websites across the internet such as Amazon.


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