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Those of you who stay or visit the Soi Bukhao or Soi Lengkee area of the city will inform you that it’s a great value for money place. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the true style and quality in the area, however, Loaf Bakery on Soi Lengkee is an oasis of chic and calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Pattaya, bringing style and charm directly to your consciousness.

Loaf Bakery has 2 branches – the original being on Soi Lengkee, whilst their newest enterprise is in the Welcome Town complex on Pattaya Klang. The brand’s owner, Uthai Poonyamund, more affectionately known as Khun Cake, had spent 6 months in Paris and was so inspired by the city’s café and dining scene that he came back and created his own French-café style concept with Loaf Bakery.

The restaurant is homely, stylish, warm and inviting, offering an exquisite selection of excellent coffees, cakes, pastries and a small yet sumptuous food menu. Loaf Bakery on Soi Lengkee is a breath of fresh air in the area, somewhere upscale but unpretentious to enjoy a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Their menu utilizes the freshest ingredients to create awe-inspiring dishes for every occasion. Drop in to sample one of their stunning sandwiches with the most highly recommended being the Steak Sandwich, Club Sandwich and their delicious and authentic Grilled Cheese.

If you want to try a unique breakfast dish, the Loaf Bakery Egg Lava, which is an egg cooked in a bun with bacon and lashings of Hollandaise sauce, is a gastronomical pleasure of the highest order. Your taste buds will be extremely appreciative.

Although there are many choices in Soi Bukhao and Lengkee, there is nothing that can match Loaf Bakery in terms of ambiance, atmosphere, service standards and quality, ALL FOR AFFORDABLE PRICES. At Loaf, quality is not sacrificed for price, and with such great value for money, there is no other establishment in the area that can come close to want they are consistently achieving on Soi Lengkee.

Although this branch is ideal for those who are living and holidaying in the heart of the city, their newest branch in the Welcome Town complex on Pattaya Klang is a more modern and chic affair and much easier to access if you live outside the city. The menu at this branch is larger and more geared to high-end dining while still retaining that friendly and inviting atmosphere that makes Loaf Bakery one of the most talked about eateries in the city.

If you are on holiday or live in the Soi Bukhao/Lengkee area of the city and look for the perfect respite away from the chaotic nature of the city, this oasis of cool, charm and delicious food at Loaf Bakery is a sanctuary of style and finesse.

Loaf Bakery & Café

Website: www.loafthailand.com
Facebook page: /LoafThailand

Soi Lengkee Branch:
Off Soi Bukhao, behind 7/11
Tel: 090-242-6624

Pattaya Klang Branch:
Welcome Town, Next to Powerbuy
Tel: 096-696-8665


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