Lads Day Out in Pattaya


If you are a man living in the Western world, no doubt your wife or some other miscellaneous female already has your balls in her handbag. It’s that kind of culture in the West at the moment. Feminism, or should we say ‘femin-nazi-ism’, has taken a firm grip on a man’s ability to not just have a good time, but in this case, to now not have  good time.

However, if you are on holiday in Pattaya, it still is a man’s world where you can sow your wild seeds and act on your animal instincts without fear of retribution or virtue-signaling from softies. Here are some great ideas to have a lads day out in Pattaya with your mates that will have the snowflakes reeling.

3pm – Late Breakfast @ I-Rovers Sports Pub

A lads day out doesn’t start at 6am in the morning with muesli, as that’s when you are usually getting home from the night before. Rock up at the I-Rovers sports pub at 3pm in the afternoon on Soi Lk-Metro to start the day in fine style with a congestion-creating ‘Baht Buster’ British Breakfast.

4:30pm – Water Sports on Jomtien Beach

Get over to Jomtien Beach when the temperatures are cooler after 4pm to smash about on the waves on a jet-ski, or take the bird’s eye view by parasailing high above the beach. Get your water-sports on before girding your loins for the excesses to follow.

7:00pm – Getting Dirty @ Roja Gentleman’s Club

Now the feeding and activities are taken care of, it’s time to get down to the business side of things. The Roja Gentleman’s club is located a short distance from Jomtien Beach on Soi-2 of Wat Bun Road. With beautiful girls, lots of exotic beverages to lubricate the wheels of fun, quality short time rooms, Jacuzzis and everything you can imagine, have it large at this popular gentleman’s club, but remember not to shoot all your bolt just yet.

10:30pm – Exploring Walking Street @ at Stars Club

Now the night is truly upon us, you seriously need to head to Walking Street to sample the most mind-boggling and knee-weakening nightlife in the world. Start off by visiting the Stars Club Pattaya, which is home to the most stunning erotic show in the region. This is a great way to start off on Walking Street to build up a little stamina before you get to grips with the finale.

1am – Hands on Fun @ Windmill Agogo

Although there are some top-notch agogo clubs and discothèques on Walking Street, when you want the most exciting and hands-on hedonistic fun imaginable, the Windmill Agogo on Walking Street has the reputation as being the most exhibitionist gogo club in Pattaya. If you like to interact with scantily clad go-go girls and are not shy (who is after drinking alcohol for hours) there is no better way to finish off a lads night out in Pattaya than experiencing what Pattaya for men is all about without any insults from lily-livered liberals and their self-righteous ‘values’.




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