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Living in Pattaya for long term or extended periods is an amazing option to have in life, but with such luxury comes having to circumnavigate the visa and immigration regulations that are being firmly enforced at this moment in time. As a foreigner in Pattaya or Thailand as a whole, we always need someone by our side to watch our back, to give us the best impartial legal advice and to ensure our visas are correct and above board. If you need help with obtaining a Thai visa, the Pattaya Visa Shop is one of the most reliable and trusted names in Pattaya City.

Located in a prime and central location in the heart of Soi Buakhao, Pattaya Visa Shop is a reliable visa company that not only helps you to get the visa you require, but can also help with all manner of legal aspects of living and working in Thailand. If you are looking for a company you can trust to have your best interests at heart, Pattaya Visa Shop is where we go.

No Hassle Visas and Work Permits

Whether you are looking to obtain a certain type of visa in Thailand, looking to setup a company, need to get your work permit sorted or even need a visa for your wife or significant other to visit Europe, America or Australia, Pattaya Visa Shop is right on the ball. Working tirelessly to ensure you get exactly what you need is what makes them such an exceptional company.

With both Thai and English-speaking staff, if you are looking to get a Retirement Visa, Guardian Visa, Work Permit or any other type of Thai visa so you can have that special peace of mind, Pattaya Visa Shop will make sure you have all your paperwork and details in check so things run as smoothly as possible.

Although Pattaya Visa Shop is not a legal company per say, they can give you excellent advice on the issues that blight the lives of foreigners who come to stay in Thailand for extended lengths of time. They can help you to setup companies and bank accounts, and can even help if you are dealing with a divorce. They are here to make sure your life is as simple as possible. Call them today to get everything in order.

Pattaya Visa Shop

Address: 198/13 Moo9 Soi Buakhao, 30260 Pattaya

Phone: 096771277

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