Hooters Pattaya – The Launch of Something Special



It’s finally here folks, rising like a Phoenix from the flames and ready to take Pattaya City by storm. The launch of Hooters Pattaya will happen in early January 2016, taking the city’s dining and entertainment scene to the next level. Popular across the world for their unique way of doing things, Hooters is a welcome addition to the city, and somewhere you must visit, just to say you have been there, and to sample their spectacular chicken wings, of course.

Located in the heart of Pattaya Beach Road, near to the Royal Garden Plaza, Hooters Pattaya will bring the same heat it’s famous for across the planet, combining stunning hostess girls, which are the hallmark of the brand, alongside a quintessential Western-inspired theme, personifying that exciting American cowboy way of life, breaking the mold and exploring the final frontiers of civilization.

It’s all about the wings

The main focus of every Hooters establishment is that of high-quality food with the best service imaginable. When you holiday in Rome, you visit the Coliseum, right? You simply cannot come to Pattaya without trying the spectacular and world-famous chicken wings at Hooters, elevating your palate to a state of eternal Nirvana.

Come along to sample the delicious and gut-busting burgers, awe-inspiring ribs and a fine choice of fresh seafood dishes. The Western-style menu combines the best elements of hearty food dishes within an environment that is conducive to fun and friendliness.

Entertainment – Hooters-style

Not only does Hooters Pattaya hit all the right notes in terms of food, but also enjoys that sports-pub-style atmosphere, open from 10am until 4am every day, where you can call by, interact with the staff and catch all the best live sporting events from across the globe in the ultimate atmosphere in terms of excitement and vibrancy.

Ever fancied yourself as a rodeo rider? I know I have! Come along to ride the first and only mechanical bull in town, but remember to hold on tight and be prepared for the ride of your life. Every month at hooters Pattaya, there will be a myriad of promotions and events taking place, on both food and drink, so please keep abreast of the ongoing offers via their Facebook page (details below).

Private functions and parties

If you are looking for a venue to host a party or event, Hooters Pattaya have private function rooms and many options in terms of food and drink, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or even a special event.

Working in tandem with many charitable organizations across the city, Hooters plans to bring the community closer together with lots of charitable work, giving back to the community to make it a better place for everyone.

Even within a city such as Pattaya, where there are new bars and restaurants opening every day of the year, the launch of Hooters Pattaya is something special, causing ripples of excitement that will evolve into a tidal wave of pleasure by the launch date in early-January.

Hooters Pattaya
Location: Pattaya Beach Road, close to Royal Garden Plaza
Website: www.hooterspattaya.com
E-mail: info@hooterspattaya.com
Opening Times: From 10am until 4am


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