German Dental Clinic in Pattaya


The German Dental Clinic in Pattaya is one of the city’s most trusted dental outfits with decades of experience bringing that faultless smile to your face. We were fortunate to catch up with them this month to tell us about their services and what they do best.

1. When was the German Clinic first established?
Our clinic opened over 21 years in the same location as today. We started as an export laboratory for artificial teeth which were sent all over Europe. From there, we developed into a dental clinic where we are right now, with 3 dentists and 38 employees in our own dental laboratory and clinic.

2. What range of services do you offer to your clients?
We provide all kinds of dental treatments except orthodontics. Our special field is artificial dentition, with crowns and removable telescope bridges to implants.

3. What characterizes the German Dental Clinic?
The main advantage is that we have our own, private dental laboratory, trained and managed by a German Master Dental Technologist. Therefore, we can produce every kind of artificial teeth or dentitions within 2 days to one week. To guarantee a high German quality, all the work is checked by one of our German specialists. For the production of our restorations, we use only high-quality materials, with prestigious brand names, imported from Germany, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

4. Which are most popular procedures in your clinic among tourists and among people who live in Pattaya?
Besides the usual dental work like cleaning, fillings and Root Canal Treatments, the most popular are crowns and removable telescope bridges.

5. What nationality are the doctors at the clinic?
Thai nationality.

6. What experience do your specialists have?
Each of our doctors has a special field in which they have been working for many years. Our main doctor, for example, is a specialist in Root Canal Treatment and implantation and has worked in our clinic for 9 years already. Based on the huge amount of foreign customers, this doctor, for example, has treated so many patients, that their experience is comparable or even better than that of a German dentist.

7. I know that a lot of tourists opt for the whitening of their teeth. Do you recommend bleaching and what rules you have to follow after the procedure?
We also do bleaching, but compared to other clinics, we recommend our patients not to do it, because it’s not healthy for the teeth. The whitening material is demineralizing the teeth and they tend to crack more easily.
Because the Teeth Whitening gel opens the enamel pores and makes the teeth vulnerable to staining agents, everything that discolors the teeth (i.e. smoking, coffee, tea, tomatoes…) is forbidden for at least 48 hours. The complete instructions for the recovery time after the treatment will be explained to you.

8. Do you work with insurance companies?
No, we don’t work with insurance companies. But there are insurances which accepts our original tax invoice of the work we’ve done.


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