Floating restaurants advised against dumping trash overboard


Three floating restaurants in Pattaya have been advised to ensure that their garbage disposal is done properly. This is as a result of a video displaying garbage loaded on their sterns, with some of it slipping overboard. The Deputy Mayor for Pattaya, Bandit Kunnajukr, presided over a meeting on April 26 on the restaurant boats prevalent with tour groups from Asia. This was a month after the circulation of the video.

Following the dispute, an inspection was recently conducted which found out that the Piriyapong, Navachakprad, and New Oriental have all been keeping all their trash in black bags. The bags were stored at the stern of the respective boats and there was no rubbish found in the sea nearby. However, Bandit said that instructions were conveyed to all three operators that any pollution done later could result in them being fined and their licenses possibly revoked.


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