Five Essential Items for a Night out in Pattaya


A night out in Pattaya might be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of your life… if you can remember it of course! There is no magic potion or formula that makes a great night out in Pattaya, however, if you take along these five essential items, you are giving yourself the optimum chance possible to get the best out of a city that is known across the world as one of the places you need to visit before you die.

#1 – Money
Money makes the world go round, and without it, you are going to find it difficult to have a great night anywhere, although you never quite know. If you are out patronizing the go-go bars of Walking Street, make sure you have plenty of cheddar, which is hip-hop slang for dough, cash, greenbacks, king-faces and wonga. I know what I’m talking about even if you don’t! The ideal scenario would be having a few thousand baht in your pocket and access to an ATM/credit card, just in case you incur some unexpected charges.

#2 – Information
Knowledge is power, the key that opens the locks to the doors of perception. Or something like that! Believe me, wandering around Pattaya on a night out without knowing where you are going is never a good idea. Not that Pattaya is particularly dangerous, but more in regards to you might take a wrong turn somewhere and end up in a ‘lady bar’ where the average height of the girls has skyrocketed and size-12 stilettoes are standard. An accidental visit to Boyztown might also scar you for life, unless you like that sort of thing of course, and then it will be like heaven.

#3 – Common sense
This is an item that is very rarely used on a night out indulging in alcohol. Remember that you are not at home, so don’t treat it the same way. Use your common sense and you can alleviate yourself from even the stickiest of situations. When it comes to picking up girls of the night, make sure you choose one that works in a bar and has her Thai ID card. Do not pick up freelance girls from off the street because you might wake up short in the money and internal organs department. Use your brains for thinking and your feet for dancing.

#4 – A Smile
Although you might encounter many local expats on your night out in the city that do not seem so happy, one of the most important items for a great night out in Pattaya is a smile. I have seen life-threatening situations completely turn on their heads due to a smile. Being happy will ensure that people reciprocate, so keep that golden smile on your face and all will be fine.

#5 – Friends
This is not essential, but it’s always good to have friends with you on a night out anywhere, never mind about Pattaya. Not only will they watch your back when you are blind drunk, but it’s always more fun to share the Pattaya experience with others.


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