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Thailand is famous for its hedonistic and exciting nightlife scenes. Aside from its beaches, natural beauty and colorful culture, many people visit the country to party the night away. As you may already know, if Thailand is the epitome of SE-Asian’s nightlife scene, Pattaya is the king of the world. With so many bars and discotheques in the city, there is so much choice, but when you seek the newest and best disco experience of them all, the Brooklyn Club at the Bali Hai Plaza on Walking Street is the most memorable choice of all.

When all is said and done, when you seek a disco that plays the best selection of hip-hop, R&B and urban music in Pattaya City, there is only one place to go. The name Brooklyn is synonymous with the cultivation of rap music with some of the genre’s greats hailing from there. Brooklyn Club Pattaya brings a slice of the New York rap and R&B scene directly to party-goers in the city.

When you think of hip-hop, you immediately conjure up images of colorful graffiti artworks and an urban attitude that is now as much a part of the world as it is New York. The Brooklyn Club’s stunning interior design is an homage to the art of hip-hop, with walls adorned with colorful graffiti works that accentuates the clubs’ urbane image.

Recently launched and opening its doors for the first time at the end of August 2015, the Brooklyn Club brings another angle to the city’s nightlife scene. With so many discos devoted to dance and trance, it’s nice to find somewhere that you can dance to tunes that have real grooves and vibes, as opposed to head-thumping house tracks.

With a state-of-the-art music and lighting system, alongside a cool dance floor and lots of seated and VIP relaxation areas, Brooklyn is a place you come to either dance the night away to the sounds of the excellent in-house DJ playing the best new and classic urban tunes, or to have a great time with your friends while taking in the exciting ambience and atmosphere.

The best part about the Brooklyn Club is there is such an eclectic selection of colorful characters that visit the venue on a nightly basis, which really does make it one of the most interesting nightlife venues in the city to either start your night on ‘the street’ or to finish off a memorable evening.

The club is open from 10pm until late, and with a great selection of beers, spirits and cocktails, alongside the great choice of music, there is something for everyone.

When you want to dance the night away and get your groove on in Pattaya City, the Brooklyn Club is the newest and most innovative urban club there is. Come along and find out why everyone is talking about this modern venue, because nobody does it like Brooklyn baby!

Brooklyn Club
Address: Bali Hai Plaza on Walking Street
Phone: 092 261 3409


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