Welcome to Endless Lounge Pattaya


Do you care about any sports event? Gigantic tv screen’s with any sports events you can think of watching all at the tip of your finger at an affordable price. A deploy of ever-shining girls also included. You shouldn’t be surprised by its name “endless” because its indeed as its called, no limited version to any of its characteristics.rate your love for a pool game, Endless lounge entertains you with a nice constructed full-size American 9 ball table pool for several suits. The Endless lounge is “Soi Buakhow’s” recent bar and it is centrally sited on Soi Bua Khao, Soi Bua Khao is one of Pattaya’s famous and important location.It is a contemporary and enormous Sports bar and Grill. Unlike a normal sports bar, Endless lounge delivers some brain-busting girls that will welcome you with a lovely amicably smile, serve you quickly, and are willing to converse away with the customers. It is really worth a visit just for to be among these beautiful ladies, they can help you relax and also receive pleasure and satisfaction in your leisure time. What a place to be, furnished with high stools with a resting back and lots of fans to cool you down and refresh your day. Widen your ears to nice rock soundtracks with cheaply priced bears to keep your day blooming. Endless lounge Pattaya is an open bar, and therefore, there is no air-conditioner available, but it is always kept sweet and cool by various located fans. Endless Lounge serves alcoholic drinks, nice wines, shots and soft drinks at affordable prices.looking at the location and evaluation of the bar, the number of beautiful ladies working there, the prices of drinks are uncommonly great. The pool begins at 18:00 pm and the Happy Hours all day until 8 pm.


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