Thailand celebrates the victory of one of her own, Kanyalak Preedasuttijit who tremendously performed at the Gold Golf club in Phoenix as well as in Country Club, Pattaya winning the Ladies European Championship for Thailand ladies.
The Sunday game earned her, 45,000 Euros after winning an under per totals of 15 having played 66, 70, 69 and 68 rounds. Her reward extended to a major earning of a position in The Evian Championship and the British Women Ricoh which Europeans’ major tournaments.
Her victory was against a Korean armature, Selin Hyun – 17 years of age who made 65 sizzling shots in her final round thus improving by ten strokes from her initial 75.
Chonlada Chayanun from Thai who took the second winning prize of 27,000 Euros, made 69 shots and completed with four strokes in her third back place. On a –under-par, Netherlands’ Anne Van made a closure with 71 shots.
The last day was arranged flawlessly for fascinating finals. A native golfer was leading with four shots, the clique of performers on the following queue revealed that nothing was of great potential in the challenge on the course of Pattaya golf.
When the D-day came, most players had embraced new tactics.
Arpichaya Yubol, a 16-year-old Thai player, made a 66 shot with her brother, a thirteen-year-old being her assistant. Arpichaya Yubol sometimes called “piano” ended the fifth level at an eight-under-par.
France finest, Manon Molle who hired Ariane Provot to be her caddie made 67 fine shots which drastically improved her scores. Her performance leads to a tie at the sixth position between her and Supamas Sangchan, the Sanya Ladies Open last year’s champion.
According to various report and claims concerning golf players, it has been noted that Asian players undergo vigorous play plans which enhance their performance. The best example is drawn from Chayanun who for the past three months have played in fourteen tournaments transversely.
Hyun on her side says she prefers putting in her games as it could make the basis of her career. She lost in the Vic Open of the previous year and even now as she played in the European Tour, she sticks to her game plan.
Preedasuttijit, also called “Bew” played her course game exquisitely governing her sensations despite the harsh environment. The climatic conditions were rough, stifling heat which often set players on emotions during their play.
This says defined her professional title after her glorious victory last year’s championships held in China LPGA and Thai LPGA. This was long ago, 15 months after she had earned her professional title.
The most threatening factors to most players towards the end were the uncomfortable weather. Most players went relentlessly thus weakening towards the end. Despite these, Lynn Carlsson of Sweden coped well, striking the final 73rd round thus sharing the eight-under-per with Aunchisa Autama from Thailand together with Pauline Rosario of Philippines.
From Spain was Noemi Martin, who finished strongly striking 69 shots to hold the 11th place.
For Preedasuttijit, she became tactic of the condition and emerged to be the Phoenix Gold pride inheriting Atthaya Thitikul’s victory of last year.


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