Buriram gears up for MotoGP 2018


Private and public agencies are working together to ensure that they host the event of motorcycle racing at Chang International Circuit, the province’s stadium. They want to make sure the stadium acquires Grade A accreditation from the International Motorcycling Federation. The stadium is scheduled for renovations, which includes pit lane expansions as well as the addition of stadium seats so that it can accommodate more than 50,000 viewers.

Moreover, The Tourism Authority of Thailand has trained five hundred military personnel, police officers, students and nurses as language interpreters who will be deployed in various key locations. There will be a shuttle service from the local airport as well as the bus terminal. To safeguard the racing competition, over a thousand security officials will be deployed.

The event will be broadcast live to two hundred and seven countries all over the world, and it will be an opportunity to fuel the local economy and raise the reputation of Thailand as a top destination for motorsports competitions.


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