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Beaches in Pattaya are some of the nicest in the world. With plenty to choose from, a day out is the curse to relieve the stresses that come with the everyday life. Wanna spend the day relaxing on long stretches of white sand under palm trees? Here at Pattaya City Uncovered, we have taken all the effort out of finding the right place for you. They are abundant and are as clean and as quiet as the beaches in other parts of the country. They offer great value for money and are very convenient if you’re coming from Bangkok. So what are you waiting for, check out the list we have made for you, slip slop slap and don”t forget to have fun.

Over the years, Jomtien beach has become known as one of the cleanest beaches with the clearest sea in the region. Ideal for relaxation, swimming and water sports, this idyllic beach is one of the longest in the region at 6km. Jomtien beach is home to lots of shaded areas and sun loungers, and there are many vendors on the beach who can take care of any food and drink you desire. Across the road, you will find lots of convenience stores, restaurants and bars if you get a little bored. Jomtien is a great place for water sport…

Like several other beaches in Sattahip, Sai Kaew beach is cared for by the Royal Thai Navy, a stewardship that results in a beach that is far superior to some others in the country in terms of cleanliness and beauty. Visitors should be aware that in return for the upkeep, a modest entry fee is charged for Sai Kaew beach. The beach has become increasingly popular in recent years as word has spread of the beautiful coral reefs, tall palm trees and endless white sand that keeps Thais and foreigners coming again and again.

The beach in Bangsaray is an excellent little corner of Chonburi province, beguiling visitors with its natural beauty and fantastic year-round weather. Bangsaray’s origins are in the quiet fishing village that still exists today, making the beach quite popular for those seeking some peace and quiet. The beach and town is about 20 km south of Pattaya, and this distance is magnified by the difference in atmosphere; there are no shouting touts and seedy nightlife here, only the calm waves of the ocean and some fine seafood restaurants on stilts that must be tried.

Dongtan Beach is one of Sattahip’s quieter beaches, to the south of Pattaya, filled with palm trees and looking like something you would see on a postcard. The area is great for boating enthusiasts, as the beach is home to a sailing club. Because the beach is not as popular with tourists as some others, visitors will find it much quieter and less developed. As a result, those looking for dining or drinks will find their options fairly restricted to mostly small shops and local restaurants. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some are truly excellent.

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