Top-10 English Speaking Youtubers in Thailand


Being a YouTuber is something that many people are now doing. You can air your views about the things that matter to you while building up a legion of loyal followers that allows you to monetize your videos. Some of the most popular YouTubers on the internet are literally becoming millionaires just for babbling away about computer gaming or other equally nerdy subjects. Here are the Top-5 English speaking YouTubers in Thailand for your viewing pleasures.

Here are the criteria that these YouTube channels must adhere to appear on the list:

  • Thailand related content
  • English Speaking
  • Currently active
  • Not only nightlife channels
  • Not just passing through

#10 – Scott Mallon – 13,027 subscribers

Scott Mallon

Scott’s vlog is more related to living in Thailand. He basically answers questions that western men want to know about Thailand and Bangkok. Scott Mallon is an author and photographer. He’s spent months at a time doing nothing but partying in Bangkok’s red-light districts and other seedy haunts, traveling throughout Southeast Asia and living a life most can only imagine. His first two books, They Call Me Farang and Ask Me Anything are available on Amazon and at

 #9 – Johnny There is Something Happening – 14,548 subscribers

Johnny There is Something Happening

When Johnny first moved to Thailand he was desperate to share his story. Living in Thailand is so crazy and so wonderful at the same time. Living in Hua Hin with his girlfriend, Johnny vlogs about living in Thailand. Although he is relatively new to YouTube, he has already gained over 14k subscribers. With Johnny there’s always something happening!

#8 – Kev in Thailand – 16,970 subscribers

Kev in Thailand

Located prominently in Pattaya, Kev gives his reflection on living in Thailand. If you like walk-around videos to find hidden nightspots, Kev is your man. Living in Pattaya Thailand and filming what it’s like living here, Showing the bars the life and places around Pattaya, Everything that is available here as an expat and as a tourist, his channel is not just fun but informational for viewers too.

#7 – Darren B3 – 20,291 subscribers

Darren B3

Darren is a very popular vlogger who lives in Krabi and updates his channel every Wednesday week. If you love eating Thai food, shopping at Thai markets, living and travelling in Thailand, places to see, things to do, Thai festivals & culture, Thai hotels, resorts and restaurants. Subscribe for all his new videos, and to see what he’s getting up to in Thailand.

 #6 – Geoff Carter – 21,511 subscribers

Geoff Carter

Geoff Carter first started his YouTube channel by making cooking videos from his own home in the UK, but at the end of last year, he decided to visit Thailand for a holiday and by and large has been there ever since filming his adventures and escapades with his mates that are always fun-filled and action-packed. Whether its golf, nightlife or walk-arounds in places such as Pattaya, Geoff has a great English working-class sense of humor and is lots of fun to watch.

#5 – 20 Seconds in Thailand – 22,052 subscribers

20 Seconds in Thailand

This channel is about what it’s like in Thailand for a new guy who doesn’t know anything about Thailand but is learning one day at a time. Created by the YouTuber Thailand Rob, who lived in Bangkok but now lives in Phuket, this channel is about the quirky aspects of living in Thailand and how Thailand will change you forever.

#4 – Retire Cheap JC – 23,625 subscribers

Retire Cheap JC

This veteran YouTuber has been around many years, but over the past year his sub numbers have risen from 16,000 to over 23k. At one time, JC was known for his videos that compared prices for food, accommodation and generally the living costs of Thailand, but in recent times he has evolved his style to be more of a Thailand vlogger about himself, his family and his life in the Cha-Am, Thailand.

#3 – Dead Farang – 33,512 subscribers

Dead Farang

Experiencing rapid growth over the past year, Dead Farang has a following of over 33,000k and is apparently not dead at all! He is an Aussie guy travelling extensively around SE-Asian with the main emphasis being on Thailand. His videos are generally about the nightlife scene in Thailand, but do diverge into vids about accommodation, food, and all other things Thailand-related. He is known for injecting his own brand of humor to the proceedings.

#2 – Life in Thailand – 45,267 subscribers

Life in Thailand

Over the past year or more, the popularity of this channel has raised from approximately 6k subs to the total of over 45k we see today. This is one of the most unique channels in the Kingdom because it focusses more on living in the rural and countryside areas of Thailand. If you are interested in farming, and especially breeding catfish, this video offers some insightful information. One of their main videos about catfish in Thailand went viral and got the channel 5m views, which no doubt is the main reason why the channel’s subs jumped so high over the past year.

#1 – Mark Wiens – 1,110,419 subscribers

Mark has been the biggest English-speaking YouTuber in Thailand for the past couple of years. Last year, his subs were around the 300k mark, but in the past few years have skyrocketed pass 1M. Because of his popularity, in recent times, Mark has catapulted himself beyond the niche market of Thailand and is no more known for his vlogs about food. Over the past year, Mark has been on a journey to sample food throughout the world, which has helped with those numbers. However, Mark still talks about Thailand sometimes and is easily the most popular YouTubers in Thailand for English speakers.


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