6 Things That Make a Unique Night Out In Pattaya



Did you know that Pattaya has the highest concentration of bars of anywhere else in the world? Me neither, I just conjured up that ‘fact’ out of the ether on a second’s notice as an ode to my shoddy journalism. However, I have never visited another place with so much going on in such a short space. It’s hardly surprising that there are still Vietnam veterans stumbling around Pattaya in a mind-blown state over 40 years after the war has finished. Most of them don’t even realize the war is over. What makes a night out in Pattaya so unique? Here are 6 reasons why.

#1 Closing Times
Generally speaking, bars and clubs around the world usually close between midnight and 2am in the morning. Bars in Thailand are supposed to close at approximately 2am as well, but as Pattaya is its own self-governing republic, you can wander down Walking Street at 5am in the morning and it feels like the evening is just beginning. Be prepared to work the night shift hours when partying in Pattaya. This is the ultimate 24/7 party capital of the world.

#2 So Many Different Nationalities
When you go on holiday to Spain or some equally famous tourist destination, you usually find quite a lot of nationalities there. However, Pattaya seems to magnetically pull persons from every corner of the globe towards its embracing allure. I have danced around the handbags of Venezuelan females on a team-building seminar, talked Eastern European politics with a Kazakhstani, shared snuff with an iguana-breeder from Papua New Guinea, thrown rocks at ladyboys with a Pakistani-born ex-CIA agent with dubious links to Mossad, gulped aquavit with Mongolian goat herders and performed the moonwalk with Kosovan refugees on Soi 7. Pattaya really is that kind of place to meet some wonderful people from every country and walk of life.

#3 The Coconut Bar
Did you know you can have a great night out in Pattaya without entering a bar establishment? Pattaya Beach Road, otherwise known as the Coconut Bar, is littered with all manner of colorful people (see above). It is standard practice to spend an entire evening buying alcohol from 7/11 while trawling down beach road and interacting with females plying their trade and hawkers selling everything from the latest counterfeit DVDs and CDs to sex toys and e-cigs. Anything can happen at the Coconut Bar, and usually does!

#4 Go-Go Bars
Is there anything more unique in Pattaya than its go-go bars? I don’t think so! You can find lap-dancing clubs and houses of ill-repute all over the world, but nothing can prepare you for the antics that manifest into reality in Pattaya’s go-go bars. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, or a couple; you have to check out these dens of iniquity on a night out in the city. You would visit the Coliseum when in Rome and the Statue of Liberty when in New York, right?

#5 Ladies of the night
Attracting single men in their thousands, Pattaya’s very own special ladies of the night are one of the instrumental reasons for visiting Pattaya. I can’t tell you what hasn’t already been said a million times. Just have a great time and go for it. Try not to fall in love and you will be fine.

#6 The Third Sex
To quote The Kink’s 1960’s pop hit ‘Lola’, “She looks like a woman but talks like a man.” Ladyboys really are a fascinating species, even described as the ‘Third Gender’. Nowhere else in the world accepts transsexuals like in Thailand, and that’s why you see so many of them, not just working the streets, but also with normal jobs working in 7/11 and such. The only problem is that if you are a man (or a woman) seeking some female company for the evening, you might be in for a shock when you peel off the wrapping paper. It defiantly doesn’t do what it says on the label.


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