4 Reasons Thailand Tourism keeps on Bouncing Back


I always think that the Thailand tourism scene is made of flubber, bending and molding to the needs and expectations of all, while having the ultimate bounce-back ability. Over the years, Thailand has gone through many a crisis, some brought on by themselves, and some others that were more of a reflection and knock-on from the problems the modern world has been experiencing on a whole. What gives the Thailand tourism sector such bounce-back-ability and allows it to be desirable holiday location no matter what adversity it faces?

Affordable prices

Regardless of any other feature, Thailand is one of the most affordable places to holiday. It really is that simple. With excellent quality hotel rooms from as little as 700 THB per night, low-cost alcohol and local food, holidaying in Thailand can be as cheap or expensive as you want. With exchange rates currently very attractive for Western visitors, Thailand is still very competitive in the holiday market. Whether you are seeking a low-cost backpacker-style experience, or want to stay in the finest hotels and resorts and eat at fine-dining restaurants every night, Thailand is great value across the board and simply has everything.

International-Style Infrastructure

Many people talk about Thailand being a 3rd world country, which is simply not true. Across the nation’s tourism destinations such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai, there is a massive choice of international-style shopping malls, high-class international restaurants, world-class hospitals and medical facilities and much more. Thailand offers Western-style infrastructure in a sub-tropical environment, which is very alluring to most travelers and holidaymakers seeking paradise with modern comforts.

Sundrenched Paradise

Obviously, the all-year-round sunny climate attracts many people to holiday in Thailand, and why wouldn’t it? When it’s the coldest times in the Western word from November to April, it’s the best time to visit Thailand in terms of climate. Barring a pole-shift, continental drift or some other catastrophe, Thailand will remain in this sub-tropical location and the good times will continue.

Because People Love Thailand

People simply love coming on holiday and living in Thailand. And you can’t put a price on that! And you definitely can’t teach that. It’s like an x-factor, an intangible, so to speak. Even in the entertainment world, it’s not always the most talented people that become famous and most popular, as it’s those who have that special charisma and charm, and that’s what Thailand has in droves.


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