4 ‘Facts’ About Thailand Everyone Thinks Are True… But Aren’t!


4 ‘Facts’ About Thailand Everyone Thinks Are True… But Aren’t!

In the day and age of the internet, everyone seems to have an opinion on everything and seldom do they let objectivity or truth get in the way of a good trolling session. The multitude of website devoted to Thailand and other holiday destinations around the world is great for finding out information, but also spawns many misconceptions about Thailand and Thai culture, some of which really affect the attitude and opinion of people who have never spent much time in the Kingdom. At Pattaya City Uncovered, we are here to dispel the myths about Thailand.


Ice in your drinks will make you sick

From what I gathered, ice in your drink makes it cold, and doesn’t cause sickness! You will always hear the old wife’s tale about how having ice in your drink could make you sick because they use untreated water or tap water to make ice. That is basically a load of BS. There are numerous companies throughout every area in Thailand that deliver ice directly to bars and restaurants, and the price is very inexpensive. Nobody uses infected water in Thailand to make ice. It’s a complete fallacy.


Thailand Is a Dangerous Place

Yet again, because Thailand is a popular holiday destination, every single issue that happens is generally overexposed across media outlets that gives the impression that Thailand is a dangerous place. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have lived in both Pattaya and Phuket over the past decade and Thailand is quite a safe place, especially when compared with American and US cities. Very seldom have I seen anything that makes me think Thailand is a dangerous place.


Thailand has Undeveloped Infrastructure

Thailand gets a bad rap when it comes to being seen as a third-world nation. That is something else that is not true. Okay, if you live in some of the poorer parts of north-eastern Thailand, that could be an acceptable idiom, but the vast majority of large Thai cities and most definitely across its major tourism regions, the infrastructure is more than adequate.


With good road systems, international schools and hospitals, world-class shopping centers, several international airports, top-notch and upscale eateries and much much more, Thailand can be quite a modern and cosmopolitan place to holiday or live. There are a number of reasons why so many expats live in the major tourism areas, and quality infrastructure is one of them.


Thai People Have Promiscuous Sexual Attitudes

This attitude again is born out of ignorance and couldn’t be farther from the truth. A stroll around Walking Street in Pattaya might make you think otherwise, but generally in Thai society, sex is a taboo subject and the people are quite reserved in terms of sexuality. Don’t be fooled by the sex trade, because in essence most Thai people want it to disappear completely.





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