20 Signs that Prove You are Embracing Thainess


If you do not know what ‘Thainess’ means, you will probably need to read a complete article on that subject alone. It basically breaks down to ‘the way that Thais do things and live their daily lives’. It’s their philosophy and the way they see things!

If you have been here for a number of years, you are still left in utter disbelief most of the time, but there comes a point, a barrier so to speak, that takes you to the next level of embracing Thainess where disbelief evolves into acceptance. Once you have achieved this grandmaster level of living in Thailand, there is no turning back, and definitely no going back to the mundane nature of the Western World. Here are 20 signs that prove you have embraced your own slice of ‘Thainess’.


  1. It has become so standard to see a man riding a pink bicycle or a python slithering across your garden that you barely even notice.


  1. You choose your friends because they are from your hometown instead of the personal chemistry between you both.


  1. Talking about white Christmases means you are talking about being on the beach in December.


  1. Standing up in a cinema theater with 100 other people to pay respects to the Thai national anthem is standard.


  1. You can’t remember the last time you caught a tuk-tuk because they are for tourists.


  1. You can use a squat toilet without spraying on the toilet door.


  1. You have effortlessly learned to breath through your mouth when walking by sewers and fried locust vendors.


  1. Obviously, sidewalks and pavements are for food vendors, not walking you bozo.


  1. All hell breaks loose when there is no sugar condiment with your noodles.


  1. If you are a woman, riding Amazon on a motorbike while sending a text at the same time is normal.


  1. You never lose your face, but you are always losing your wallet.


  1. You are embarrassed for those new arrivals who Wai to everyone all of the time!


  1. You’ve come to accept that ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and everything else that is not ‘yes’ and is usually ‘no’.


  1. You don’t batter an eyelid when the 7/11 girl who serves you every day has a 5 o’ clock shadow (stubble).


  1. You regularly eat cakes, baked goods and cookies with a knife and fork.


  1. When the temperatures hit 75-degree Fahrenheit (24C∘), you get the jeans and sweater out.


  1. Your instinct is never to attempt to buy alcohol in the shop between 2pm and 5pm.


  1. Your kitchen knifes are dusty because you use a fork to push tidbits of food onto your spoon.


  1. Toilet paper has become a sworn enemy. How can it even compete with a water sprayer?


  1. You have come to realize that the girl is not his niece or little sister.





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