10 Thailand Street Foods You Must Try


10 Thailand Street Foods You Must Try

It’s a good idea to try the different tastes and flavours on offer when travelling Thailand. There are street vendors on almost every corner selling local delicacies at a low price. When out next, keep an eye out and see if you can find the dishes we recommend. Be sure to give them a try because you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Cha Yen

Strong brewed black tea mixed with condensed milk served in plastic bag or cup full of crushed ice. The bright orange drink will give you a strong caffeine kick and as good as a reliever for hot weather.

Kuaytiew Ruea

Savoury pork noodle in herbal brown broth with fresh pork blood. The noodle is served in a small bowl with slices of pork and pork meatballs.


Flatbread fried in a pan stuffed with beef or poultry. The dish is served with a vinegar dip and cucumber salad. Fantastic to eat as a breakfast or hot snack during the day.

Khao Khai Jiew

Easy to make Thai Dish. Using only beaten eggs and a few drops of fish sauce, then fried in hot oil until crisp. Usually eaten with chilli sauce, topped with rice or eaten as a side dish.

Look Chin Ping

Meatballs made from poultry, pork, meat, or fish. Skewered with bamboo sticks then grilled on a charcoal stove and eaten with sweet chilly dipping. A very popular dish with everyone.

Kuaytiew Tom Yum

A popular sweet and spicy noodle with zesty flavour from a lime. The dish served in a bowl with pork balls, minced pork, dry shrimps, course ground peanut and bean sprout.

Khao Mun Kai

Boiled chicken on flavourful rice that has been cooked in chicken stock and oil. The dish served with soup and spicy salted soya bean and chopped ginger dipping.

Tubtim Krob

Popular Thai sweet made from water chestnut coated with tapioca flour, eaten with coconut milk topping and shaven ice. This is a perfect dessert for hot days.

Khao Niew Moo Ping

Flavourful grilled pork on skewers eaten with sticky rice as a breakfast but is also eaten all day round.

Khao Kha Moo

Pork leg stewed until tender in dark sweet and savoury broth. Eaten with white rice, pickled cabbage and baby Chinese kale. Just the aroma will make your taste buds dance.


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