Wat Yansangwararam Temple



Located about a 20km from South Pattaya towards Sattahip and Bangsaray, Wat Yansangwararam Temple is a large Buddhist temple complex with set across 145 acres of countryside land, home to several buildings with lots of different architectural style. There is a beautiful lake and well maintained gardens surrounding the temples, making it a great place o visit.

Viharn Sien is one of the most famous temples in the complex, with its museum-like atmosphere and housing lots of Chinese artifacts and relics. The main temple is Wat Yansangwararam Temple, otherwise known as Way Yan for short. Here you will find a replica of the footprint of Buddha and a large chedi with lots of relics.

The many different buildings have architecture from many local Asian cultures such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Lanna Thai, and even Swiss styles. Beside the temples, there are lots of monuments such as a statue of King Prajadhipok.

In the complex, there are also food and drink stalls. This is a really nice because you can buy a drink and sit by the scenic lake watching the world go by.

Why visit Wat Yansangwararam Temple?

– Massive temple complex with several buildings
– Located in the Sattahip/Bangsaray countryside
– Beautiful adjoining lake
– Many temples with different styles
– Enjoy the Chinese, Japanese, Lanna Thai and Indian architecture
– Many food and drink vendors available
– Home to the famous Viharn Sien Temples
– Just a 25-muinute drive from Jomtien Beach


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