Viharn Sien – Anek Kusala Sala Museum & Temple



Chinese culture is something special and unique with thousands of years of colorful history that has shaped not only Asia, but the world. Viharn Sien, also known locally as Anek Kusala Sala is a mixture of a Chinese temple and a museum, holding some beautiful artworks and artifacts that details China’s illustrious history.

Located in luscious countryside in the Bangsaray region of Pattaya, Viharn Sien is beautiful and picturesque. Enjoy Chinese antiques and a breathtaking scaled down model of the Terracotta Army, or take a rest by the scenic lake and watch the world go by.

Viharn Sien is perfect for families as it’s a learning experience, set amidst stunning natural beauty.

Why visit Viharn Sien – Anek Kusala Sala?


– Amazing museum detailing Chinese history
– Beautiful design and aesthetics
– The only museum in the region dedicated to Chinese history
– A great family attraction for you and your children to learn about Chinese culture
– Relax by the stunning lake and absorb the serene nature of this picturesque spot
– Check out the Chinese antiques and artworks
– Small to scale model of the Terracotta Army in its fully glory


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