Rolling Live 3 Bar – Finding your rock music fix


Here you are, amidst the hedonistic charms of Pattaya during what is known as the busiest and most exciting time of the year. Pattaya’s main nightlife zones are located on Walking Street, but there are many other parts of the city where you can have a fantastic time. The Soi 7 and 8 area along beach road is known for its bars and entertainment, personified by the Rolling Live 3 Bar.

The Rolling Live chain of bars throughout the city are known as the places you go to enjoy a great night listening to live music and a selection of rock music classics. Located amidst the action on Soi 8, the Rolling Live 3 Bar has a glittering reputation for its live bands and a playlist that includes a classic selection of Rolling Stones tunes and other classic pop ensembles. From The Kinks to Queen and everything in between, Rolling Live aims to keep you dancing all night long.

Modern music, such as dance and rap, are the mainstay at most of the city’s establishments, but if you prefer your music rock-inspired, Rolling Live is the place to be. Have the holiday of a lifetime accompanied by the soundtrack of your life.

There is another Rolling Live establishment located on the neighboring Soi 7 and also on Walking Street, so wherever you are in Pattaya, Rolling Live is never too far away to provide your rock music fix.

When you are on holiday in Pattaya and seeking out something different from all the dance music and rap clubs, Rolling Live 3 Bar on Soi 8 will be your rock oasis amidst the desert.

Rolling Live Bar 3
Soi 8, Pattaya Beach Road


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