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Pattaya is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations with lots of things to see and do, day or night. Although the city is famous for its nightlife, the dive and scuba scene in Pattaya is excellent, but with so many dive agents and shops plying their business in the city, it can be a potential minefield to find the best and the most reliable and trusted. This is where Pattaya Dive Centre located between Soi 10 and 11 on Pattaya Beach Road comes into its own. Although this time of the year can be quite rainy, that doesn’t stop you going scuba diving, so make sure you don’t miss out this month.

With almost 30-years’ experience training divers and exploring the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya Dive Centre is the place you visit to get PADI certificates, entry-level courses, dive excursions and friendly local knowledge. When seeking out the best dive locations and local knowledge, you need to align yourself with the most reputable dive centre on the Eastern Seaboard.

Discover Scuba and Entry-Level Courses

Sometimes in life we need a bit of a push or some inspiration to do something new. Did you ever want to try scuba diving but never had the opportunity? Not only is discovering scuba diving with Pattaya Dive Centre a great way to learn something new, but it’s also fun and easy. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to enjoy a single day of scuba diving or you are seeking a PADI lifetime certificate, as Pattaya Dive Centre cater for all tastes and requirements.

Talking of PADI, if you are looking to get some PADI certificates, you could try out the PADI Open Water Diver Course, which is a 3-4-day program that trains you to be able to dive independently. The Open Water Diver course is a great way to start out. If you don’t have a few days available, you could get certified as a PADI scuba diver in just 2 days.

Whether you are seeking entry-level courses or something more in-depth, Pattaya Dive Centre is the only place to visit in the city.

Daytrip Tours

Pattaya Dive Centre offer the best selection of dive trips in and around the Gulf of Thailand, and it doesn’t matter even if you are in Bangkok and want to get away for a couple of days as Pattaya is only 2 hours from the metropolis. Take a dive trip out to the beautiful Samae San Islands. From snorkeling trips to nearby Pattaya islands, wreck diving, night dives and dive trips out to the Samae San Islands, go down to their shop and book yourself on one of their boat trips, starting from as little as 1,500 THB per person. You won’t believe how affordable diving in Pattaya can be.

Utilizing the services and expertise of the most trusted and reliable dive centre in the city is important, especially in terms of safety. When seeking out diving options in Pattaya, only settle for the best with Pattaya Dive Centre.


Pattaya Dive Centre

Between Soi 10 and 11, Pattaya Beach Road

Phone: +6638422133





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