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The English Premier League is the world’s most popular soccer league, known for its fast pace, aggressive tackles and total excitement. When the biggest teams come together to play, everyone across the planet tunes in with baited breath, awaiting the drama to unfold. Even when you are on holiday in Pattaya, football-addicts can’t miss their Premiership fix, so it makes sense to find the best place in Pattaya to watch live EPL games.

The Legends Pool & Sports Bar is the quintessential home of the English Premier League in Pattaya; a place where watching a games takes it to the next level in terms of excitement and camaraderie. After last year’s nail-biting finale, we can hope for more of the same. In the past, only 2 or 3 teams had the players and money to win the title, but over the past couple of years the playing field has become more even with the emergence of Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham, to add to the Manchester United’s, Chelsea’s and Arsenals’ of this world.

Watching a game by yourself is okay, but to watch it within a banter-filled environment with other likeminded souls makes it special. Watch every EPL game simultaneously at Legends on their 17 flat-screen TVs, which includes all the build ups and post-match analysis to cover every aspect of the English Premiership experience.

Over the course of September, you can watch every televised EPL game live and all the other sporting events from across the atlas such as the new NFL season, Formula One from Singapore and Italy, games from all the major European soccer leagues and let’s not forget the golf Ryder Cup that will take place from the 26th to 28th September, which is always passionate and fun.

Legends Pool Hall, located on Pattaya Klang Soi 5, is a fun bar to visit at the best of times, known as the most cutting-edge pool hall in Pattaya with its 11 Brunswick 9ft Metro Pro Tournament tables, meticulously maintained for the best pool playing conditions in the city. Play a few games of pool while enjoying the establishment’s vast range of draught beers that lubricate the wheels of fun.

Although Legends is predominantly known for its pool and televised live sports, it’s also the home of darts in Pattaya. Darts is a sport that has rapidly grown over the past 5 years with the innovative tournaments created by the sport’s governors, Matchroom Sports, who have taken the game to the next level. Barry Hear, the founder of Matchroom will actually be visiting Legends in the month of September. Legends is home to several darts bays, known as oches, sometimes hosting domestic and international tournaments. If you are a darts’ fan or are interested in trying out the game, Legends is the only choice to consider.

Get down to Legends Pool & Sports Bar to sample a few draught beers, watch all the EPL games and major sporting events, and to also have a game of pool or darts in the most conducive ambience in the city.

Legends Pool & Sports Bar
Address: 324/10, Pattaya Klang Soi 5, Pattaya, Chonburi 20150, Thailand
Phone: English- 089 817 1084 or 085 436 6787 – Thai – 038 412 955 or 080 631 2366
Email: info@legendspoolpattaya.com
Website: www.legendspoolpattaya.com


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